We are proud to have been chosen by Family Connect to help them develop their new identity. Lauren Spiglanin will be opening an amazing home in Torrance with 6-beds for Alzheimer and Dementia seniors (or “Chronologically Gifted,” as she beautifully refers to them). She is not missing a detail!

In the meantime, her son, Erik Petrosyan, came up with a great concept for what he envisioned the logo should embrace. Crest put the team to work and this new graphic demonstration was developed. Using the gold that is a sign for value and strength, we developed the head and brain. Using the purple that is the symbol of Alzheimers, we showed heart… Love and care for those that may otherwise feel ignored and forgotten. Attached is the style sheet as it pertains to how Lauren and her team will use this logo from here on out. Of course, they have it in a million formats to use online, in print, with transparent backgrounds, in color, in black, in reverse…. etc. – Now, working on the brochure. Stay tuned.

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