So you want to engage more with your current customers; or maybe get new ones. A couple of methods may include standing on the top of a mountain and shouting all the wonderful things you do and sell. Another (perhaps a wiser approach) is to develop a communication strategy based on content.

But before we get started, let’s change the subject for a second.

I think we can all agree that there are certain social standards that will gain us more grace than others. In no special order, and not an all-inclusive list, these may involve:

  • Don’t just talk about yourself
  • When you talk, try to be clear and make a point
  • Be friendly and helpful
  • Follow up when you say you will

Have you ever met someone that talked, and talked, and talked about themselves? Were you enthralled and asking for more? I doubt it….   Have you, conversely, met someone who was interested in your success or concerns and shared some free helpful information? Were you enthralled and asking for more? Probably.

Full circle: The same goes for content. A business’ website, brochure, or e-marketing campaign that is a list of their accomplishments, products or services, is boring, unless you see a benefit in the product, service, or free information. The goal of marketing is to build and keep fans, and with today’s technology, we have a wonderful ability to create relationships and maintain engagement through simple words – or content. Consider these:


Blog Writing

One of the original forms of online content marketing, blogs can be great sources of knowledge, information, and even tug at the heartstrings. When part of a website, it increases visitors and a website’s ranking. It can even end with a compelling call-to-action, be shared, forwarded, categorized for future searching, etc. Develop a blogging calendar for consistency in frequency and strategic topic areas.



Somethings are better said with movement and eye-contact, and video is a great media for education and entertainment, making you memorable. But you must catch their attention in the first 10 seconds.


Website organization

A website can include list after list, or be cross-referencing, indexed and well organized. Help eyes find the information they are seeking and lead them properly through the maze of information.


Think of your customers or potential customers as people at a cocktail party. Those with better conversation topics and delivery, and caring good-listeners are much more likely to be attractive and followed. Try different approaches and be sure not to be static. Enjoy the rewards.