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Messages, content, and art to communicate and inspire


Eco-Friendly and cost conscious. Cool formats for Direct Mail Campaigns, Event Materials, Brochures, Catalogs, Signs and Banners, and Promotional Items


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Is there room for improvement in your marketing or fundraising?   Yes!    No.

Why Work with Crest Marketing?

Because you deserve…
problem solvers and problem avoiders – Since we handle projects from concept to delivery, we know how to anticipate, avoid, and solve snags
an honest approach – Because we have a production approach, we are practical, cost efficient, and we can actually deliver on what we dream up!
to be involved – We listen and exchange ideas and ensure our client is the hero. You know your business best!
can-doers – Bring us your own ideas!
a personalized plan – No cookie-cutter plan. Not every business needs a website, print, or Facebook page. Your needs are unique
visionaries – Repurposing content and designs among medias allows for savings and consistency. We plan this ahead of time.
left/right brainers – We are fun creators and serious analysts – From eye-catching headlines and designs to  analysis and knowledge of postal regulations
detailed project managers –from concept to delivery
full service /integrated marketers – More ways of communicating increases exposure and results
affordability – since most of our pricing is based on production costs
experience – with 25 years of helping clients go from looking good to great

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By combining the wisdom of a team of specialists in strategy, creative designs, print production, social media and web marketing, we are prepared to make a marketing department’s dreams become a reality.

About Crest Marketing

Crest Marketing is a full service Brand Strategy, Design, Printing and Digital Marketing firm that creates marketing communications in English and Spanish. We specialize in nonprofits and small to mid sized companies. Because we know that great organizations deserve notice, our job is to help our clients be identified as leaders and to promote them. We dream up creative ideas and deliver cost-conscious marketing strategies and materials and help our clients grow.

Who I Am And Why I Do What I Do

Challenges and opportunities! Though born in California, I was raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At age 16, I left the all-girl Spanish speaking school to start my senior year in TUSD, and I was far from grateful to my parents for this… Still, within five years and with a college degree,  I began a career with Toyota Motor Sales’ Customer Relations answering phones in English and Spanish and personally for then President Yuki Togo, and later transferred to Lexus in time to help develop its dealer network and brand launch.

In 1991, I left Lexus to seek a more flexible lifestyle. I established Crest Marketing, Inc. and  started a direct mail newsletter for families with children. This involved selling ad space and soliciting editorial, as I learned design, printing and mailing. Advertisers began requesting that I handle their own campaigns. I became very production-focused keeping the price of deliverables to a ridiculously competitive and re-sellable price. I got involved with the community in PTAs and school site councils, Community Advisory Boards for YMCA and PTN, as Leadership Torrance co-Executive Director, Torrance Chamber Executive Board member, Ambassador, and South Bay Entrepreneurial Center Friend. As a partner in Green Ink Marketing, I co-published TACC’s Torrance Magazine from 2009 to 2013.

Meanwhile, one of the most admired nonprofit consultants requested my help and Crest would become known as a friend to nonprofits. This turned into some of the hardest yet most purposeful work I’d do as we were called to be magicians with shoestring budgets. I did some of the work myself and developed an incredible team of specialists for help. For some clients, we became their outsourced communications department interacting directly with their clients, donors, vendors, and/or the media, and I came to see how valuable my production-based / just-do-it / no-fluff background had become.

Today, Crest Marketing’s client list is primarily made of nonprofits and other do-good, people-focused organizations and I am convinced that I hang out only with the best. I am surrounded by passion and some of the most driven and motivated of people. This is why I do what I do, and why some of the people that today are true friends, started as clients.

Sue and Luna

Sue Moylan
Creative Director & Founder

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On My Mind Now…


Crest is always ready to take on any task presented to them. They come up with innovative ideas and deliver what I need, ontime, and at the right price.”
–Robb Belmontez, Long Beach Symphony Orchestra

Great Results, On Time, High Integrity. Crest Marketing always delivers high-quality, cost-effective results for me and my clients. From design concepts to printed materials… It has been a pleasure working with Sue and the team, and I will continue to utilize their services and refer them as often as possible.”
–Janice Sakamoto, CBS Eco Media Vice President

Crest helped me achieve a company brochure I can be proud of and that relates to my business community. It is clean, organized, and I can use if for years to come.”
–Steve Goldstein, Payroll Management Solutions

4 Steps to Success

You will work with one person. We will talk about your goals, wants, and needs and we’ll engage the right resources to reach these. For the most part, it’s quite simple…

Get in Front of Them

Because we will know your clients, donors and/or supporters, we will help you develop a plan to reach them.

Be Seen

Know the secrets of impactful words and graphics and how to use these.

Clear Message + Right Tools

Motivate, educate, and inspire a response.

and… #4
Lasting Relationships…

with trust and engagement.

How Will You Best Reach Those that Need to Hear from You?

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Inspired by Clients; Dedicated to Clients.

CLIENT SUPPORT? Always. We are a small-local business driven by a greater sense of purpose, with two decades of a positive reputation to uphold. Most of our clients are referrals. We are humbled and relentless in the quality of our work.

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