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Build trust for your organization. Plan with strategy. Focus on the right audience with the right message and delivery method.


Messages and content specific to targeted audiences, and art that communicates and inspires response – in English and Spanish.


An eco-friendly and cost conscious printer that offers Direct Mail, Appeal Letters, Brochures, Event Materials, Stationary, Signs and Banners, Promotional Items, Targeted Mailing Lists, and Mailing Services


Content and Design for Websites, Blogs, e-Newsletters, and Social Media Marketing with your organization’s unique voice.

How we donate back to our nonprofit clients.

Are you strapped for time? On a shoe-string budget? Limited on staff/resources? At many nonprofits, resources like time and money can be scarce. We get you.

Here is our donation to you: 1) Our pricing is adjusted to meet nonprofit needs (approximately by 20%). 2) We will go above-and-beyond to guide and support you with our experience and resourcefulness so, together, we can make a greater impact in our community. We have helped dozens of nonprofits and good-cause organizations, and we can help you.

Why Work with Crest Marketing?

Because, as a nonprofit, you deserve…

– problem solvers and problem avoiders – Since we handle projects from concept to delivery, we know how to anticipate, avoid, and fix any snags.
– an honest approach – Because we have a production approach, we are practical, cost efficient, and we can actually deliver on what we dream up.
– to be able to do some work in-house – We will still be happy to exchange ideas and we will always root for your success.
– visionaries – Repurposing content and designs among media allows for savings and consistency. We plan this ahead of time.
– left/right brainers – We are both fun creators and serious analysts offering you full service from eye-catching headlines and designs to analysis and knowledge of postal regulations.
– detailed project managers – With Crest Marketing, you are covered from concept to delivery with a consistent team throughout.
– full service/integrated media – Continuity in your web presence gets you greater exposure and results.
– affordability – Since most of our pricing is based on production costs, we are very savvy and cost-conscious enough to get you the best deal.
– commitment and purpose – By working together, you enable us to make an impact. We buy into your cause.
– experience – Crest Marketing has 25 years of helping clients go from good to great!

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About Crest Marketing

Our success is the result of return clients and referrals. This is how, for 25 years, we have been able to continue to serve our clients. We don’t seek to be heroes…we seek to make heroes by building up impactful organizations and our community.

Life is too short to just do a job. We believe in making an impact.


Who I Am And Why I Do What I Do


Some of the greatest lessons I’ve learned about social disparity, motivation, cultural expression, and relentlessness came from growing up abroad, traveling, and moving around internationally.

Born in Torrance but raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, my career started with Toyota Motor Sales’ Customer Relations, answering phones in English and Spanish for then President Yuki Togo; but upon Lexus preparing for launch, I transfered to help develop its dealer network and corporate brand. The Toyota culture taught me about “The Toyota Way,” “The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection,” commitment and quality, and the value of being a good corporate citizen – working within and for a community.

Fast-forwarding a few years is when I realized that my mark could be bigger and more rewarding if I worked with small businesses and nonprofits employing a more hands-on, “in the trenches” approach and reaping the joys of personal investment in their successes.

As one client and their referrals lead to another, for the past 20 years, 75 to 90% of our clients have been in the nonprofit sector – and we love it. My team and I love the direct impact they make, and we like using our talents, resourcefulness, creativity, and experience to support them.

I am convinced that we only hang out with the best. This is why I do what I do.

Sue and Luna

Sue Moylan
Creative Director & Founder

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Crest is always ready to take on any task presented to them. They come up with innovative ideas and deliver what I need, on time, and at the right price.”
–Robb Belmontez, Long Beach Symphony Orchestra

Great Results, On Time, High Integrity. Crest Marketing always delivers high-quality, cost-effective results for me and my clients. From design concepts to printed materials… It has been a pleasure working with Sue and the team, and I will continue to utilize their services and refer them as often as possible.”
–Janice Sakamoto, CBS Eco Media Vice President

Crest helped me achieve a company brochure I can be proud of and that relates to my business community. It is clean, organized, and I can use if for years to come.”
–Steve Goldstein, Payroll Management Solutions

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